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MRE Case of 12 Meals

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MRE Case of 12 Meals

The perfect food for all types of outdoor use, emergency preparedness and long term storage. MRE's are fully cooked and do not require water. The unique thermo stabilizing package provides shelf-stable storage without refridgeration.
Each complete meal provides the highest quality and great tasting main dishes. Heavy Duty Mil-spec packaging. Current production. Easy to prepare and storable for up to 5 years. (Shelf life varies according to storage conditions)

  • Perfect For Outdoor Use, Emergency Preparedness And Long Term Storage
  • Fully Cooked And Do Not Require Water
  • Shelf Storage Without Refrigeration
  • Many Possible Ways To Heat
  • Minimum Variety of Four (4) 8oz. Entrees Per Case of 12-Meals
  • Menus May Change During Times Of Crisis or Natural Disaster
  • Made in USA


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