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SOG X-Ray Vision Knife

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SOG X-Ray Vision Knife

    "Tactical and practical" is the theme behind the X-Ray Vision. This combo-edged folder features the same award-winning blade design of the SOG Vision (with Titanium handles), ATS-34 custom steel and performance capabilities, but retails at half the price! The X-Ray Vision is the newest member of this high-tech family of folding knives and was created for optimal performance and value. Now, everyone can have the Vision! Better yet, it is further enhanced with our revolutionary Arc-Lock™ for fast-access and full "lockup."

    The Arc-Lock™ sets a new standard in tactical engineering. It has all of the attributes knife designers relentlessly search for, but rarely find.

1. Strength: Arc-Lock™ surpassed standard holding capacity in independent lab tests.

2. Speed: Action provides fast and smooth one-handed opening.

3. Safety: Positive closing feature ensures that the blade securely stays within the handle when closed.
4. Ambidexterity: Blade can be comfortably accessed with either hand.

5. Durability: Arc-Lock™ is self-adjusting for long-term, optimal performance.

    The X-Ray Vision keeps a low profile with its bead blasted blade finish and glass-reinforced black Zytel handle, keeping it lightweight and comfortable to hold and carry. A reversible clip allows both righties and lefties to carry the X-Ray Vision conveniently in pocket and pack or on vest, belt or jacket.

  • Blade Is 3.75" Long.
  • Overall Length Is 8.37" Long.
  • Weight Is 3 oz.
  • Blade Is Made Of ATS-34, Rc. 58-60
  • Handle is made of Zytel (with dual stainless steel liners)


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