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QuikClot BattlePack

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QuikClot BattlePack

QuikClot is currently available for military and first-responder organizations such as fire, rescue, police and Emergency Medical Services.

QuikClot speeds coagulation of blood, even in large wounds, through a very simple process. It physically adsorbs the liquid from blood, thereby concentrating the clotting factors and encouraging rapid clotting to stop the bleeding.

QuikClot is different from similar products in that it is chemically inert, and therefore is safe to leave in or on the wound until the patient receives medical treatment. Furthermore, since it contains nothing biological or botanical, there is little or no danger of an allergic reaction.

To treat severe battlefield injuries, Z-Medica has put together a BattlePack that includes QuikClot and bandages. The BattlePĀ°ack is based in part on the current United States Marine Corps trauma kit. The outer pack is waterproof black nylon, has a velcro belt attachment and fits into a standard BDU pocket. The pack components include one 3.5 ounce pack of QuikClot, one Cinch Tight compression bandage and two packs of compressed gauze. It provides everything needed to immediately administer life-saving aid for a traumatic bleeding injury. The BattlePack is also available for use by first responders and outdoor enthusiasts such as hunters.


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